MBA International Business Consulting Objectives

Our program offers you more than just knowledge transfer: it follows a holistic approach consisting of several areas that complement each other, are closely interlinked and have an ultimate goal:

To deliver you an expertise which ensures you to become a competent, decisive, socially skilled and accountable business leader.

In optimally sized classes and a diverse and challenging learning atmosphere cultures from all over the world collide and expose students to an international field. In interactive and practical oriented approach students obtain the best overview of the current global challenges. Case studies, company visits and coursework are reviewed and presented to students in order to incorporate all the current and relevant learning objectives.

Program Director Keynote

Dear Prospective Student,

I'm pleased to welcome you on the website of the MBA Program “International Business Consulting” (IBC). We started the program in 1999 and the same year it was integrated into the DAAD funding for international Master programs.

The objective of the program-which started in 1999 and was evaluated as one of the best by the ministry in Baden Württemberg in the same year- is to provide the best study environment and teaching methods available to enable the transfer of both established and modern knowledge in an easy and practice-oriented way.

The teaching methods are carefully chosen: There is a balance between theoretical input and further development of topics in small groups on the one hand, as well as implementation of the knowledge in assignments, case studies and group discussions on the other hand.

We apply the so-called open faculty concept, i.e. in addition to our internal professors, we engage academicians from other German and foreign universities as well as senior managers from consultancies. This is how the IBC Program integrates various contents and management tools forming a homogeneous whole, i.e. exciting and carefully reflected contents and a high degree of application orientation.

Offenburg University is a small but successful institution for higher education. In 2001, it received the award of “Reform-oriented University”. All of the international Master's programs offered have been accredited. In addition, the University's MBA program has received recognition from QS Global Ranking 2012/13 and 2013/14 as one of the emerging regional business schools(from 2015 on the differentiated ranking was given up).

I invite you to learn more about the IBC program and contact us for more information. Our online application process is user friendly, quick and effective.

I look forward to welcoming you to our campus soon.

Yours truly,

Professor Dr. Rainer Fischer

MBA-IBC Program Director

Contact Person

MBA IBC Program Director

Fischer, Prof.Dr.rer.pol. Rainer

  • Room: 2.01
  • 77723 Gengenbach
  • by arrangement

MBA IBC Coordinator

Topal, Komila

  • Room: 2.05
  • 77723 Gengenbach
  • Monday 9:00 - 15:00, Thursday 9:00 - 15:00, and by arrangement


The curriculum of the program is up-to-date: It imparts the latest management expertise.Its coherently structured course content combines the aquisition of hard and soft skills.



Our teaching faculty is an excellent mixture of executives and consultants with proven expertise in their fields and professors from our university, complemented by academics from other countries.

Ranking and Accreditation

The MBA-program has been acknowledged by QS in its 2012/13 and again it its 2013/14 QS Global 200 Business Schools Report in the field of Emerging Regional Business Schools. Furthermore Offenburg University with its MBA-program placed 56 among the „Top European Business Schools“ in 2018. This international business ranking conveys a solid reputation among employers in Germany. MBA-IBC aims to further increase its attractiveness to employers outside of Germany. Please have a look at some of the internal statistics that reinforce the value of MBA-IBC. 

Offenburg University was awarded the system accreditation quality seal of the Accreditation Council on 3 December 2015. The system accreditation attests the higher education institution that its quality assurance system in the field of teaching and learning is appropriate to achieve the qualification objectives and the quality standards of its study programs. All degree programs at Offenburg University that have been established as specified by the accredited system, or have already been the subject matter of internal quality assurance as specified by the accredited system, are therefore accredited.